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"This reporter has seen Marines leading the way from Danang to Kuwait and every dateline in-between. I've also seen ex-Marines leading the way in offices and boardrooms across America. Semper Fi tells it like it is, with a point by point analysis of what makes a Marine a leader, in and out of the Corps. This is NOT one of those mumbo-jumbo, pseudo-philosophical books on leadership that try to make blue look like orange, and are of no use to anybody but their authors' accountants. Semper Fi is a book you will actually USE, read, and refer to again and again. Dan Carrison and Rod Walsh remind me that I might actually have made something out of myself if my own Marine career (brief, undistinguished) had lasted longer."

Dan Rather, Anchor, CBS Evening News


"For over two hundred years, the U.S. Marine Corps has excelled in accomplishing its mission regardless of how difficult. The Marines' unique culture and superior leadership capabilities that have led to success on the battlefield hold many useful lessons for any high performance organization. Carrison and Walsh have captured in their book the genius of this time proven system for the benefit of all who care to study it."

Frederick W. Smith, Chairman of the Board and CEO of FedEx, Formerly Captain, USMC


"As a businessman, and a former Marine, I have spent many more years in a pinstriped suit, than in uniform. Yet I have found that the incomparable leadership training I received in the Marine Corps has served me well over the years in the business world.

Marine Corps officer training prepared me to lead Marines into combat, but many of the lessons I learned are equally applicable to the "battlefield" of the marketplace. The intensely competitive environment of the world of commerce calls for courage, resourcefulness, flexibility and, above all, the ability to inspire your people to follow you - even when you may be going on instinct alone.

If there was ever an organization with an abundance of leaders, at every level of the chain of command, it is the Marine Corps. If the Marine Corps were to be magically transformed into a business overnight, those of us in private enterprise would immediately be aware of the "new kid on the block." The dedication to mission - and the ability of its leaders to inspire those under their authority - would make the Marine Corps in the business world exactly what it is in the military world: a success out of all proportion to its size.

This book is for the business leader, wherever he or she stands on the organizational ladder. Each unique Marine Corps leadership principle is revealed and briefly explained by the authors, and then applied to the competitive world of business. I am confident that the reader will find this book to be a hip pocket reference for leadership - one that he or she will return to time and again."

Vernon R. Loucks Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Baxter International, Inc., Formerly 1st Lieutenant, USMC


"David [Ogilvy] ran our company as if he had grown up in the Marine Corps, and I tried to do so after him. David, more than anyone else in the history of advertising, believed in training. He believed that the more one knew about advertising, the more likely one was to practice it successfully. It made sense then and makes sense now. We had far and away the best training programs in the business - training in every discipline: creative, media, research, and account handling. Everyone in the company was trained, from secretaries to Executive Vice Presidents (like me). All this at a time when there was virtually no advertising education - in colleges, business school, or on the job. I learned more in my first year than in the previous fifteen."

John Elliot, Jr., Chairman Emeritus of Ogilvy & Mather, Formerly Major, USMC


"The Marine Corps taught me to have a plan every day, but to be flexible enough to adjust to the dynamics of the battlefield. I learned that one never goes into battle being led by committee. Today, I impress upon my people the necessity of having goals and the need to measure the progress on a weekly, monthly and semi-annual basis. I always sit down with my subordinates to track their progress- while applying the same standards to myself."

Doug Hamlin, Vice President of Motor Trend, Formerly Captain, USMC


"I quickly learned that team work - all pulling together toward an identifiable common goal - worked far better than rushing headlong 'over the top' only to discover that no one was behind you."

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Sr., Chairman Emeritus, The New York Times Company, Formerly Captain, USMC


"I've known lots of former Marines who have made it big in the business world. But until I read this book I never realized how much the Marine Corps training, teaching, methodology and outlook had to do with their success.…This eminently useful and readable book tells how and why the Marine Corps way works –for a lifetime."

Walter Anderson, Editor, Parade Magazine


"An excellent book! The authors have truly unearthed the best of Marine Corps leadership principles and found many creative business applications. I highly recommend the book."

Robert S. Morrison, CEO, Quaker Oats


"I love the book….Being successful in business is a matter of survival, and no one teaches survival better than the Marine Corps."

Zell Miller, US Senator and former Governor of Georgia


"As a woman Marine officer, I never let my gender play into my role as a leader. I found that if I ignored the fact that I was female, my Marines would learn to ignore it as well."

Millie Wilkerson, Vice President/Area Sales Manager of twenty-four branches Wachovia Bank, Formerly Captain, USMC


"Victory in the marketplace is only realized if it is sustainable. Personal leadership at every level is required to keep that momentum."

Frederick Lopez, Department Manager Software Systems, Raytheon, Currently Brigadier General, USMCR


"Semper Fi underscores how business leaders can capitalize on the Marine's proven principles. I recommend it strongly."

H.C. Barnum, Jr., Community Affairs Advisor, Arltec, Inc., Congressional Medal of Honor Society


"Read this book and you'll find out how the Marine Way works in the business world."

Ed McMahon, Television personality, Colonel, USMCR


"Semper FI provides great insight into the lessons learned in the Marines that are directly applicable to running a successful business."

Russell W. Meyer, Jr., CEO, Cessna Aircraft

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