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Latin for "always faithful" -- is both the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps and the inspiration for this totally new approach to corporate leadership.

Written by two former Marines who are now successful businessmen, Semper Fi goes behind the scenes to pinpoint what works for the USMC. But the book is about far more than barking orders to underlings, mandating a grueling fitness program, or charging over the top with bayonets flashing. Rather, it takes the best leadership tactics used by the Corps and translates them to a corporate environment.

Semper Fi starts from the ground up, supplying time-proven tips and tactics on how to:

  • recruit the best people -- not necessarily those with the flashiest resume, but the people with the most dedication and integrity
  • provide in-depth, hands-on "basic training" for new employees
  • lead at every level: supervisory (the rank and file), middle management (the mission), and senior management (the organization)
  • march to victory using 10 competitive strategies -- each as applicable to the marketplace as to the battlefield.
For all the differences between the armed services and the profit-driven corporation, they share a key goal: to build and sustain a committed, motivated group of people that will band together to achieve success. Semper Fi is an evocative and ingenious guide for making that goal a reality.

Semper Fi:  Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way

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